Firm Overview

Humilis Corporate Finance Advisory, offer professional and results oriented advisory services, related to the emerging Algerian market.

Lies Kerrar conducted during the last 7 years more than $1.5 billion securities issues on the emerging Algeria financial market, and has been successful in structuring financial products suited to both corporate and investor’s needs. Before pioneering Investment Banking activities in Algeria, Lies Kerrar built a career mainly in North America in corporate finance and investment management.

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Transaction execution and financing in Algeria

Our approach results in lower costs and greater certainty of closure.

Humilis provides transaction execution capability across diverse industries, including privatizations, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, minority investments and financing from strategic and financial investors.
Additionally, Humilis offers corporate finance advisory services,

which gives clients valuable insights and assistance during a financing process and result in a financing transaction with lower costs and greater certainty of closure. Humilis has a distinctive approach to advisory assignments.

Business planning & long-term strategic planning

In addition to providing traditional investment banking services, Humilis is focused on helping its clients to build complete business plans and to solve long-term …Read more »

Unique perspectives on value creation

Humilis knowledge as a firm reflects experience not only as a financial and strategic advisor, but also as a principal investor. Humilis ability …Read more »

Ability to navigate through difficult environments

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Creative solutions for complex issues

Humilis professionals have had extensive experience structuring and negotiating transactions to meet clients’ strategic and financial objectives …Read more »

Lies Kerrar

Founder and CEO

Humilis, founding member of :

Hawkama El Djazair, National Association for the Promotion of Corporate Governance.